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Comprehensive Environmental Solutions by BCI Remediation Group
At BCI Remediation Group, our commitment to environmental sustainability and safety is at the core of everything we do. Armed with an array of licenses and a wealth of expertise, we are your go-to partner for a wide range of environmental remediation and construction services. With licenses that encompass groundwater monitoring well remediation, hazardous waste treatment, and industrial cleaning among others, we are uniquely positioned to offer comprehensive solutions tailored to your needs.

Our Licensed Services
Groundwater Monitoring and Remediation: We specialize in the construction and maintenance of groundwater monitoring wells, remediation, and monitoring systems, as well as recovering wells. Our state-of-the-art solutions are designed to protect and restore groundwater resources, ensuring compliance with environmental standards.

Incinerator Construction and Management: With expertise in incinerator construction, we offer sustainable solutions for waste management, focusing on reducing pollution and mitigating environmental impacts.

Land and Resource Management: Our services in clearing, grubbing, and snagging are essential for land development projects, ensuring that they are cleared safely and effectively. We also excel in seeding, sodding, load and soil stabilization, and erosion control, providing comprehensive solutions for land restoration and conservation.

Environmental Sampling and Analysis: BCI Remediation Group offers analytical sampling, auditing, inspection, and testing services to ensure environmental compliance and safety in various projects and operations.

Chemical and Pollution Control: We provide chemical spraying services for vegetation control and pollution management, alongside designing and implementing pollution and environmental control systems to mitigate environmental risks.

Water and Wastewater Solutions: Our expertise extends to the construction and maintenance of irrigation and wastewater systems, pumps, and landfill gas and leachate control systems, ensuring efficient water management and pollution control.

Mining Support and Personnel Safety: We offer support for mining operations, including mineshaft and slope repairs and construction, along with personnel fall protection, debris containment systems, scaffolding, and shoring to ensure workplace safety.

Recreational Facilities Construction: From recreation and sporting facilities to golf courses, we deliver exceptional construction and maintenance services that meet the highest standards of quality and safety.

Noise and Vibration Control: Our sound and vibration control systems and enclosures are designed to minimize environmental noise pollution, enhancing the quality of life for communities.

Innovative Technologies and Services: Embracing cutting-edge technologies, we provide trenchless rehabilitation and pumping services, offering efficient and minimally invasive solutions for infrastructure repair and maintenance.

Licensed for Excellence
BCI Remediation Group holds the prestigious Louisiana State Licensing Board for Contractors license (#35672) with specialties in groundwater monitoring well remediation, hazardous waste treatment or removal, and industrial cleaning. Our license is reciprocal in Mississippi, Florida, and Arkansas, with pending reciprocity in Alabama. This broad licensure allows us to offer our specialized services across a significant portion of the Southern United States, ensuring that we can meet your needs wherever you are.

Your Partner in Environmental Solutions
Our commitment to excellence, safety, and environmental sustainability makes BCI Remediation Group the ideal partner for your next project. Whether you're in need of complex environmental remediation, construction services, or innovative solutions for waste management, we are ready to bring our expertise and licensed services to your doorstep. Let's work together towards a safer and greener future.

Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can assist you in your environmental remediation and construction needs.

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Bringing Common Sense to Complex Challenges

At BCI Remediation Group (BCI), a subsidiary of Balance Consulting, Inc., we believe our superpower lies in our straightforward approach: common sense combined with an unmatched ability to solve technical problems. We bring corrective action to fruition, transforming contaminated properties into valuable commerce-ready assets. Common sense and cost-saving measures are our default for our remedial action.  For example, removing the source of contamination at the beginning of a project is sometimes the best move to avoid unnecessary investigative expenditures that could otherwise be used for closure activities. 

Our team of remediation experts excels not just in environmental remediation but in redefining what it means to restore balance to the natural and built environment. With expertise in groundwater and soil remediation, air and water treatment, and a vast array of industry specializations including O&G, mining, and marine, we navigate the complexities of environmental challenges with ease and efficiency.

Choosing BCI means opting for a partner known for its pragmatic approach to project delivery. We're celebrated for our ability to refine project scopes, develop realistic cost estimates, and in many cases, provide fixed-cost solutions that outperform our competitors. Our projects are characterized by minimal surprises, adherence to timelines, and strict budget compliance.

The transformation we bring isn't just about meeting regulations; it's about breathing new life into impacted sites. Our visual story above illustrates the essence of our work: turning grey, contaminated lands into vibrant, green spaces ready for commerce and community.

Embrace the power of common sense and expert problem-solving with BCI. Let's work together to bring your property back to life and back into commerce.

Discover how we make a difference.

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Unlocking the Past, Safeguarding the Future: BCI Remediation Group's Expert Hydraulic Lift Removal Services

In the heart of the Gulf South and stretching across the nation, BCI Remediation Group, a proud division of Balance Consulting, Inc., stands at the forefront of environmental stewardship and infrastructure renewal. Our specialized focus? The meticulous removal of old underground hydraulic lifts - a niche yet crucial capability in today’s environmental and infrastructural landscape.

Annually, our dedicated team tackles around six sites, each with its own set of challenges and historical backdrops. These underground hydraulic lifts, remnants of past engineering practices, often remain out of sight and out of mind until they pose potential environmental risks. Unlike many environmental hazards, these lifts escape regulation until a release occurs, underscoring the importance of proactive removal and management.

Our operations are deeply rooted in Louisiana, Mississippi, and the broader Gulf South region, leveraging local expertise and a deep understanding of regional environmental conditions. However, our reach extends far beyond, with a readiness to travel nationwide for projects or to manage them on behalf of clients across the country. This flexibility and commitment to excellence signify our dedication to not just meeting but exceeding, the needs of our clients and the environment.

At BCI Remediation Group, we don’t just remove a piece of outdated infrastructure. We assess, remove, and dispose of hydraulic lift stations with an unwavering commitment to environmental safety and regulatory compliance. Our comprehensive approach ensures that each project is executed with precision, from initial assessment through to the final disposal, leaving no stone unturned in our quest to protect and preserve our environment for future generations.

Are you facing the challenge of an old hydraulic lift on your property or project site? Do you require expertise that spans the assessment, removal, and disposal of such systems? Look no further. BCI Remediation Group, a division of Balance Consulting, Inc., is here to guide you through the process, ensuring a safe, compliant, and environmentally responsible resolution.

For more information on our services and how we can assist with your hydraulic lift removal needs, contact us today. Together, we can unlock the past and safeguard the future.

Monday, February 19, 2024

 "BANKERS NEED TO KNOW - Environmental Consultants Guide"

Empowering Sustainable Finance: 

A Guide for Bankers

In the dynamic world of banking and finance, the integration of environmental considerations into investment and lending decisions is becoming increasingly crucial. Balance Consulting Inc., with a rich history of pioneering environmental support and consulting services, presents a comprehensive approach for bankers to navigate the complexities of environmental due diligence and sustainable finance.

Understanding the Importance of Environmental Due Diligence

Environmental Due Diligence is the bedrock upon which sustainable banking practices are built. It involves a thorough assessment of environmental risks and liabilities associated with properties or projects before investment or lending. This process not only mitigates financial risks but also ensures that investments contribute positively to environmental sustainability.

The Role of Site Remediation in Risk Management

Site Remediation refers to the methods used to clean up contaminated sites. For bankers, understanding the intricacies of site remediation techniques is vital for financing ventures that are both profitable and environmentally responsible. By investing in projects that prioritize contaminant cleanup, banks can play a pivotal role in environmental stewardship while safeguarding their investments against potential environmental liabilities.

Advancing Environmental Risk Assessment

Environmental Risk Assessment is a critical tool for evaluating the potential hazards associated with investment projects. This practice enables bankers to quantify and manage environmental risks, ensuring that lending decisions align with both financial objectives and environmental sustainability goals.

Supporting Brownfield Redevelopment

Brownfield Redevelopment is a testament to the power of turning challenges into opportunities. By financing the revitalization of underutilized or contaminated properties, banks can contribute to economic development and environmental improvement simultaneously. This approach not only addresses environmental concerns but also opens new avenues for community development and regeneration.

Embracing Pollution Liability Insurance

Pollution Liability Insurance offers a safety net against unforeseen liabilities arising from environmental damage. For banks, advising or requiring such insurance in project financing can mitigate financial risks while promoting environmentally responsible practices among borrowers.

Ensuring Environmental Compliance

Environmental Compliance is non-negotiable in today's regulatory landscape. Banks must ensure that their investments adhere to environmental regulations and standards, safeguarding against legal liabilities and fostering a culture of compliance and responsibility.

Exploring Contaminant Remediation Technologies

Innovation in Contaminant Remediation Technologies, including bioremediation and groundwater treatment, presents new opportunities for environmental restoration. Banks that are informed about these technologies can guide their clients toward more sustainable project outcomes.

The Significance of Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)

EIA is a crucial process for evaluating the potential environmental effects of proposed projects. By incorporating EIA into their lending criteria, banks can ensure that financed projects are designed with environmental preservation in mind.

Championing Sustainable Finance

Sustainable Finance is reshaping the banking industry, integrating Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) criteria into investment decisions. Banks that embrace sustainable finance principles are well-positioned to lead the transition towards a more sustainable economy.

Implementing Environmental Management Systems (EMS)

EMS frameworks are instrumental in managing an organization's environmental footprint. Banks that adopt EMS can enhance their operational sustainability and set a benchmark for environmental responsibility in the financial sector.


For bankers, navigating the landscape of environmental consulting and remediation is not just about risk management—it's about being at the forefront of the transition to a sustainable future. Balance Consulting Inc. offers the expertise and insights necessary for banks to thrive in this new era of environmental consciousness. By prioritizing environmental due diligence, site remediation, and sustainable finance, banks can contribute significantly to environmental sustainability while achieving their financial goals.

Your Go-To Remediation and Clean-Up Partner in Louisiana and Mississippi: BCI Remediation Group"

Navigating the complexities of environmental remediation and waste management can be a daunting task for consultants, developers, and industrial clients alike. Whether you're in St. Tammany, New Orleans, Baton Rouge, or along the Mississippi Gulf Coast, finding a reliable remediation contractor or clean-up company is crucial. That's where BCI Remediation Group, a division of Balance Consulting Inc., steps in as your local expert and partner in environmental solutions.

BCI Remediation Group: Expertise at Your Doorstep

When the search for a "remediation contractor near me" or a "clean-up company near me" begins, look no further than BCI Remediation Group. Our team of seasoned professionals is equipped to handle the most challenging industrial waste, remediation, and clean-up projects with efficiency and expertise. Our local presence across Louisiana and Mississippi means we're not just a service provider; we're your neighbor, fully understanding the unique environmental and regulatory landscapes of our regions.

Comprehensive Services for Comprehensive Solutions

BCI Remediation Group offers a wide range of services tailored to meet the needs of our diverse clientele. From industrial waste management to emergency spill response, we provide:

Industrial Waste Contractor Services: Specializing in the safe, compliant management of industrial waste across the Gulf Coast.

Environmental Remediation: Expert remediation services that restore contaminated sites to safe and usable conditions.

Emergency Clean-Up: Rapid response teams ready to address spills and environmental emergencies, minimizing impact and ensuring regulatory compliance.

Project Management: Experienced remediation managers to oversee complex projects, ensuring they are completed on time, within budget, and above expectations.

Partnership with Regulatory Agencies

Our extensive experience working alongside key regulatory bodies, including the Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality (LDEQ), the United States Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA), and the United States Coast Guard (USCG), positions BCI Remediation Group as a leader in compliant and effective environmental services. We navigate the regulatory framework to streamline your projects, ensuring compliance and fostering positive outcomes for all stakeholders.

BCI Remediation Group is For You

At BCI Remediation Group, we understand the importance of finding a local partner who can address your environmental challenges head-on. Our commitment to excellence, combined with our local knowledge and regulatory expertise, makes us the ideal choice for consultants, developers, and industrial clients across Louisiana and Mississippi.


If you're searching for a "remediation manager near me" or an "industrial waste contractor near me" in the St. Tammany, New Orleans, Baton Rouge, or Mississippi Gulf Coast areas, BCI Remediation Group is here for you. Discover the difference of working with a team that combines local expertise with a comprehensive suite of remediation and clean-up services. Let's work together to create safer, cleaner, and more sustainable communities.

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"Introducing the Applied Science Network: Pioneering Solutions for a Sustainable Future"

Welcome to the dawn of a new era in environmental and technological problem-solving—welcome to the Applied Science Network. I'm Gene Joanen, your host and producer, embarking on an ambitious journey to address some of the most pressing challenges facing our consultants, regulators, industry leaders, and the world at large.

Our Mission

At the Applied Science Network, we believe in the power of innovation, collaboration, and the scientific method to create lasting, impactful solutions. Our upcoming YouTube channel is dedicated to exploring the ingenuity and determination of the world's problem solvers. From the latest in technological advancements to the best management practices, we aim to uncover and highlight solutions that benefit human health, protect our environment, and safeguard wildlife, air, soils, land, seas, and rivers.

What to Expect

Our platform will serve as a media source unlike any other, taking the scientific method to unprecedented levels. Each episode will delve into the complexities of environmental and technological challenges, showcasing how cutting-edge science and practical applications can come together to forge win-win scenarios for our planet.

Innovative Solutions: Discover breakthrough technologies and methodologies that are reshaping our approach to environmental stewardship.

Collaborative Efforts: Learn from the collaborative ventures between scientists, industry leaders, and policymakers that exemplify the spirit of unity and shared purpose.

Scientific Exploration: Join us as we apply rigorous scientific analysis and creative problem-solving to tackle issues that once seemed insurmountable.

Impactful Narratives: Hear directly from the trailblazers making a difference, sharing their insights, struggles, and victories on the front lines of environmental and technological progress.

Join Us on This Exciting Journey

The Applied Science Network is more than just a channel; it's a community of forward-thinkers, innovators, and guardians of our planet. We invite you to be a part of this groundbreaking venture as we unveil the stories of dedication and ingenuity that inspire us all to strive for a better, more sustainable future.

Stay tuned for our channel launch and join us in celebrating the minds and methods driving us towards a greener, healthier world. The journey begins now—let's explore the possibilities together.


  "Empowering Environmental Progress Together: Why Partnering with BCI is Your Next Best Move"

In the intricate world of environmental consulting, the challenges we face are as diverse and complex as the ecosystems we strive to protect. At Balance Consulting Inc. (BCI), we understand that no single entity holds all the answers to the multifaceted problems presented by environmental management, compliance, and remediation. This is why we extend our hand in partnership to fellow consultants, offering our 37 years of experience, innovative technology solutions, and common-sense approaches to enhance your service offerings and ensure your clients’ success.

A Collaboration of Strengths

BCI is not just another consulting firm; we are your strategic partner in environmental stewardship. We believe in consultants helping consultants, bringing our specialized skills and experience to the table when you need it most. Whether it's navigating the complexities of permitting, preparing for critical meetings and presentations, or addressing emergency spills and compliance issues, our team is ready to assist.

Technology Meets Tradition

Our approach combines cutting-edge technology with tried-and-true methods. From drone surveys for precise environmental assessments to advanced software for risk evaluations, we leverage the latest tech to deliver results. Yet, it's our common-sense approach, honed over decades, that ensures these solutions are not just innovative but also practical and applicable.

Case Studies That Speak Volumes

Our track record speaks for itself, with numerous case studies demonstrating how we've helped our partners overcome their most challenging environmental obstacles. Whether it's streamlining complex processes, securing permits against tight deadlines, or managing large-scale insurance audits, our out-of-the-box thinking has consistently added value where it's most needed.

A Win-Win for You and Your Clients

By partnering with BCI, you’re not just getting a subcontractor; you're gaining a team of seasoned experts committed to your success and that of your clients. Our collaboration means your projects benefit from our depth of experience, ensuring that every solution is tailored to meet the specific needs and challenges at hand.

The BCI Advantage:

37 Years of Experience: Leverage our decades of knowledge for your projects.

Innovative Solutions: From tech applications to practical methodologies, benefit from our innovative approach.

Comprehensive Support: We’re here for the long haul, from initial assessments to final compliance checks.

Enhanced Capabilities: Expand your service offerings with our specialized skills in your corner.

Shared Success: Your wins are our wins. Let's achieve outstanding results together.


In the fast-paced and ever-evolving field of environmental consulting, having a reliable, experienced partner can make all the difference. At BCI, we’re more than just consultants; we’re problem solvers, innovators, and most importantly, partners in environmental progress. Let’s join forces to ensure that together, we can provide the comprehensive, effective, and sensible environmental solutions our world needs.