Sunday, May 11, 2014

BCI is proud to have supported the development of this Lab that will be deployed in the Middle East.


Sunday, December 16, 2012

We are proud members of the EDR community.  Please join the EDR Commonground Community!

Environmental Consultants - Contribute. Network. Find Answers.

A Social Networking Community for Environmental Consultants and Commercial Real Estate Professionals

Community Manager's Announcements

Welcome to commonground. Here is a list of the latest site happenings and must-read posts.
It's that age-old question again: is a gas station that seems to have no issues still indicative of a REC? Weigh in
Phase I ESA Have you heard about the Environmental Consultants Roundtable? This new group is coming together to offer a unified voice to the Phase I industry. commonground is giving them a digital "home base".  Learn more or join. It is free. 
Polluter pays? Not always. Read about this site in Oregon where PRPs seem to be getting away without paying for cleanup. 
DianneSurviving the Serengeti that is the business world: Dianne asks, what animal are you?Read the blog here. . 
 Looking for a fresh take on leadership to kick off 2013? Member PWoloszynrecommends James Strock's book.

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